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Dr. Borut Fonda

Dr. Borut Fonda, sport scientist and cycling biomechanicst

Dr Fonda holds an undergrad degree in sports training and a master degree in kinesiology. He obtained his PhD at the University of Birmingham, in the UK. He is a former semi-professional cyclists and is known to successfully translate scientific knowledge into an applied setting and vice versa. After his undergrad degree he started working with several cyclists in the field of training, biomechanics and recovery. He upgraded his knowledge during his master study at the University of Primorska and his doctoral study at the University of Birmingham, where he focused on motor control and biomechanics of cycling. Some of his research in the field of cycling biomechanics became a standard for thousands of bike fitting experts worldwide. He received numerous scientific awards for exceptional scientific achievements and is an author of two patents and over 50 scientific publications. He is also the program director at Cycling Science, Ltd., a high-tech company that develops innovative technology used in cycling biomechanics.

Paul Visentini

Paul Visentini, Specialist Sports Physiotherapist

Paul Visentini is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, with his awarded sub-speciality in the area of lower limb tendinopathy. He also completed post graduate studies in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1994, and designed the "VISA Score”, a widely used functional outcome measure for Patellar Tendinopathy.

Paul is a keen recreational cyclist and is highly involved in teaching and management in the area of Bike Set-Up and ‘Mastering Load’. He has been involved in Cycling Injury Management at both elite and recreational level, having consulted to the AIS in Varese, and is undertaking his Doctorate in Physiotherapy, investigating "Clinical Measures of the Closed Kinetic Chain in Cycling”.

Paul has a special interest in muscle activation and load sharing in the closed kinetic chain, especially in cycling. He is a leading clinician in Melbourne, Australia, and has a passion for cycling injury management, the evidence base involved, and the clinical reasoning process required to achieve the best result.

The ‘ScienceOfCycling-Injury Prevention’ is a platform for the education of Cycling Injury Practitioners world-wide, and the associated course has now been presented by Paul in Melbourne, Varese, Caen, Amsterdam and Newcastle.

Joris Verreydt

Joris Verreydt, Sportbiomechanics & Injury Prevention at Bakala academy, Belgium

Joris Verreydt is a Master in physical therapy with specific expertise in sports injury rehabilitation and manual therapy. Along his prehistory as a competitive cyclist, he has developed to being an expert in cycling performance, including specific exercise testing and training planning, as well as race and time-trial bike positioning. Furthermore, he designs core stability training programs for athletes in various sports disciplines.

Dr. Nejc Šarabon

Dr. Nejc Sarabon, sport scientist and physiotherapist

Dr Šarabon is a lecturer of undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the department of applied kinesiology at the University of Primorska. At the same time he is the managing director and founder of S2P, Science to Practice, Ltd. 

He has simultaneously completed undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physiotherapy at the University of Ljubljana. At the same institution he later completed a PhD and post-doc in the field of neurophysiology.

Throughout his career he has worked as a coach and consultant in the field of physical conditioning and rehabilitation. Within S2P Cycling Science he works as the principle physiotherapist and offers support to the rest of the team. He is actively involved in lectures and workshops for injury prevention and recovery. He is also the head of the research group and closely involved in the products design used in S2P Cycling Science.

Andy Brooke

Andy Brooke 

Andy has trained extensively with Retül and BikeFit - two of the world’s leading bike fitting systems - and is one of only six Master Retül  Fitters in the UK.

He is one of only a handful of bike fitters in the UK with a masters degree in Sports Science, specialising in the biomechanics of cycling, and is currently studying a PhD in optimising the time trial position.

Dedicated to developing the bike fitting industry, Andy is the President and founding member of the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI), a global organisation working to raise bike fit standards.

He has also written and delivered bike fitting courses across the UK and has extensive experience of the industry, having worked for British Cycling in its sports development team and as a guide on cycling training camps in southern Spain.

Marko Džalo

Special speaker: Marko Džalo

Coming from the very best team and working with the very best riders - meet Marko Džalo, a massage therapist at Team Sky.

Marko gained trust of many professional riders. He's been known for taking care and paying extra attention to cyclist, giving his 100% to make sure they get the best treatment possible.

Marko's presentation will be about riders and staff of Team SKY and their use of scientific evidence to support competitors in their "marginal gain” approach.